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*All sizes Frontline Plus, buy 3 doses get 1 FREE!!!  (~$20 value)

Buy 6 doses you receive 2 FREE!!! (~ $40 value)

Stop in now and pick up your pet's monthlyflea, tick medication, and take advantage of this limited timeoffer !

*Limited -Time offer *Must be same product in the same size at one time.

Now save up to $25 dollars on a 12 month supply or $10 dollars on a 6 month supply of Trifexis!!


Trifexis for dogs, the once a month pill that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas, treats and controls intestinal worms!

Purchase a 12 month supply and receive a $25 rebate.

Purchase a 6 month supply and receive a $10 rebate.

Go to for more details.



Advantage Multi for Cats

Don't forget your other fur babies.  Cats commonly get fleas as well.  Advantage Multi is a topical once a month treatment that protects against fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and intestinal parasites (worms). 

Currently our special is when you buy 6 doses of the same size you get 2 free doses (a $40 value). Stop in today and prevent your cats from sharing the same fleas and parasites as your dogs.



Preventic Tick Collars for Dogs: Kills & Detaches Ticks for 3 months!

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