At Wilderness Trace Veterinary Clinic we believe bathing & grooming are essential to a healthy pet. We offer dog bathing and grooming services for the Danville, Ky areaOur grooming team is skilled in shavedowns as well as scissoring and clipping.

Grooming services available include, shampoos, haircuts, flea treatments, nail trims, and anal gland expression. Your pampered pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great! All of our dog grooming services are available by  appointment, or can be scheduled with boarding.

The added benefit of being part of a veterinary hospital is that your pet can have it’s annual examination and vaccinations (should they be due) done on the same day as your scheduled grooming. You can choose to be present for the veterinary procedures, or to have us schedule them daily Monday through Saturday during our in-patient examination schedule.  If a serious medical condition is detected you will be notified immediately by the veterinarian by phone to discuss the issue and plans for treatment should they be necessary.

Lastly, for the safety of the pets here at Wilderness Trace Veterinary Clinic, we require proof of your pet’s vaccine history prior to admission into the clinic.. (dogs: bordetella, rabies, DA2(distemper, adenovirus, parinfluenza, parvovirus)) & cats: (feline distemper, & rabies).., Also to maintain a flea free clinic each pet will receive a Capstar flea treatment tablet to prevent flea transmission. This along with our high cleanliness standards promotes good hygiene and enhances your pet’s safety.

Grooming Services are available by Appointment Only. For more information call (859) 854-5055.